Electric ICU Bed

M7 Multi- function Luxury Electric ICU Bed (Import Devices)

Main Feature:

  • High level on patient protection and safety factor.
  • With bedside Radiography and bed rollover function.
  • Electric beds have the stability, flexibility and durability, suitable for a variety of clinical environments demand.
  • Safety weight loading ≥300kg, protection class reach IP54.
  • Bed height adjustment range 30-75cm, low clearance above ground, high security.
  • Bed board is divided into four parts,the angle of each part can be electric adjusted and scale displayed, knees bend posture angle up to 30º.

Technical parameter

range of accommodation:
Back tilt:0-80±5°,
Leg tilt:0-40±5°,
Whole bed body lifts up and down with balance:630-1000±10mm,
Slants up and down from front to rear:0-12±3°,
Back side lifts up and down:0-12±3° ,

Be equipped with: One-key lift, Flat Laid Key, relaxation key, off –bed key, CPR function, back panel can penetrate X ray (optional), weight functiond

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