Myst Power

Mobile towers use either AGM maintenance free Lead Acid batteries or they sometimes also use Myst Power batteries.

These batteries are generally individual 2 Volt cells that are connected in series to form a battery bank of upto 24 volts or 48 Volts

The objective of these batteries is to provide an uninterrupted power supply to the mobile towers during a power outage, specifically during the switch-over time of the diesel generator.

Myst Power Gallery

Most Grid connected sites will have some form of Battery Back Up to keep the Base Station running even in the event of a power cut. In some countries, the power can be a little, unstable! In other’s, it’s difficult to remember the last time the power went off!

Myst Power Batteries cope well with all scenarios. With an 18yr float application design life and a high temperature resilience, Operator’s can make the decision between optimal Base Station temperature and fuel saving, without having to worry about damaging batteries.

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