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Myst Enterprise’s Tech division, Mystech, focuses primarily on the introduction and supply of range of technology products to our clients. Looking into the future, Mystech will uphold the value of “in tech we trust” and strive to build a technology-driven innovator and a world class technology supplying platform, promoting high tech products to the clients with core competitiveness and sustainability. We aim to create maximum value for our clients.

Key handover? Only Digital From Now  On!

Want to hand over the home keys to a real estate agent to rent out your property? It’ll be only digital now on! For all those who are renting out their residential or commercial property, key handover is no more a thing. Grant temporary access to your real estate agent when they’re at your property for a visit with the potential tenants.

Home security has gotten high tech lately, thanks to Myst Lock. Want to be able to check on the kids getting home from school alone? Just visit Myst Lock app and check complete lock/unlock history of your kids.

Mobile towers use either AGM maintenance free Lead Acid batteries or they sometimes also use Myst Power batteries.

These batteries are generally individual 2 Volt cells that are connected in series to form a battery bank of upto 24 volts or 48 Volts

The objective of these batteries is to provide an uninterrupted power supply to the mobile towers during a power outage, specifically during the switch-over time of the diesel generator.

Road Machinery

You can use this for customized work

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Hoisting Machinery

You can use this for customized work

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Drill Jambo

You can use this for customized work

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Hydroponic Solutions 

Coming djsh!

In the field of Office Automation and for with tailored needs in the market, we bring specialised automation machines for the banking sector and for small to Large Enterprises.

Providing innovative cash handling and counting measures to hospitality, retail,
not-for-profit/charitable, banking, and CIT markets supported by an extensive and
experienced technical team. Off the shelf and custom solutions? to meet
the wide range of business needs with a focus on our local market and its integration
needs, You Got This!

For a complete range and Customised solution, please call our Regional Office or Email us at

To know more, please inquire by contacting us

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