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Our Paced Journey

Our New Offices? We’re on a paced journey! Some businesses can predict exact requirements, and some know how far they’ll be in 50 years and could they be? Our mission is helping businesses grow and then thrive. We’ve not only our team present worldwide but also we’ve global brands and small industries in China, USA, Pakistan and Australia.
Please hit the button below to have a personal knowledge email, if you’d like. We custom-develop products based on our own private industries and organisations to increase efficiency and boost productivity.

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Our story Begins from 1947 when the world was having a massive restructuring, Geopolitically. For 2 generation we started many businesses in Food, Tech, Health and Innovation.

We established industries and capital relations with manufactories to build a Conglomerate.


Some of Our Brands and Industries 


With OzNz™ our IT services are playing a vital role in helping businesses and providing them with solutions

Lepus- Khussa

The ultimate remade shoe with urbanized history for youth and all generations with maximum comfort and vibrant styles to fulfill their daily needs.


Shanghai Upper Environmental Protection Company specializes in water desalination and filtration. We pride ourselves in having deep expertise in installation and consultation services for mega projects

Organic Foods

Organic Foods Industry is specially designed for increase in dietary demand by our youth and all generations, which is why we’re prod to call it “Nutrition for all generations”. Multiple products including flour and edibles even Organic Utensils are the scope of the business.

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